Our Products

We have a selection of frozen natural food brands, with prices suitable for all pockets.

Each brand offers something different. Some of the natural meats come in chunks, others minces. Some are complete, 80% meat, 10% offal and 10% bone, while others are 80% meat 20% offal. We have offals, bones, carcasses too. 

Everything we sell, we feed to our own animals too. To find out more about why and how to feed raw, visit our FAQs page or visit our Facebook page.


To read more about how much to feed your pet, then click here .

Our food is suitable for:

Cats and dogs 

Reptiles (snakes, lizards)

Birds of Prey


For further information or advice call us or email.

We also stock a range of treats & toys and supplements to keep your dogs happy and in the best condition.

All prices shown on the website are correct at time of publication but prices may differ instore before the website is updated.