Hear Me Raw

High quality, complete and balanced raw cat food for all ages & stages of life, made in the UK.


All minces come in 1kg tubs

  • Beef 1kg £5.90

  • Chicken and Salmon 1kg £7.00

  • Chicken 1kg £5.70

  • Duck 1kg £6.00

  • Lamb 1kg £6.10

  • Pork 1kg £8.00

  • Quail 1kg £8.50

Food topper

Rawesome food topper by Hear Me Raw to entice your cat to love Raw food. Just like humans, no two cats are the same; some cats take to raw instantly, they fall in love and it’s smooth sailing. Then there are the fussy felines, and that’s where Rawesome toppers come in! Perfect for initial transitioning.

100g pack £9.10

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