Tripe Factory Sunderland products have been stocked at Raw's Best for years and remains one of our most popular brands.

A budget friendly brand.


All of the dinners come in 454g packets. 20 packs per box.


  • Beef

  • Chicken and Lamb

  • Chicken and Salmon

  • Chicken and tripe

  • Chicken

  • Chicken, salmon and offal

  • Chicken, tripe and offal

  • Duck

  • Duck, turkey and chicken

  • Lamb and tripe

  • Offal

  • Salmon and tripe

  • Salmon mince

  • Tripe and offal

  • Tripe

  • Rabbit, chicken and offal

  • Rabbit, tripe and offal

Other meats

  • Chicken hearts 454g

  • Chicken necks 454g

  • Chicken gizzards 454g

  • Minced heart 454g

  • Minced tongue 454g