K9 Fertility Clinic

Raw's Best K9 Fertility Clinic

Dog breeders in North East Lincolnshire are now able to access the full services of our fertility clinic.

Raw’s Best K9 Fertility Clinic offers the full package for breeders, from checking how fertile a stud dog is, to whether a bitch is ovulating, ultrasound, to whelping support and microchipping of puppies.

Please note that ALL appointments have to be pre-booked, due to popular demand we cannot guarantee a same day appointment.

Managed by Gianni Ardito, who has spent 20 years breeding and working with dogs and is qualified in canine fertility, the clinic offers:

  • Fertility consultation

30 minute session to pick Gianni's brain on all things fertility £15.00 per session, first 10 minutes are free

  • Semen analysis of stud dogs

Analysis of your dogs semen to ensure it is fertile £25.00 per session

  • Progesterone testing

Ovulation detection in bitches £30.00 per session

  • Cytology

A canine vaginal smear to determine the oestrous cycle of your bitch £15.00 per session

  • Artificial insemination

Artificial insemination of your bitch £25.00 per session

  • Ultrasound

We can carry out ultrasound tests on your bitch to check for pregnancy £30.00 per session

  • Microchipping

We offer microchipping of puppies and dogs £9.00 each

  • Whelping/breeding support and advice

We are able to offer support and advice when your bitch starts whelping or when you are considering breeding

(price on application)

  • Semen shipping

We can collect and distribute semen around the UK and the world on your behalf

(price on application)

The lab and clinic are all on the same site as Raw’s Best.

All fertility services are by pre-booked appointment only.

Please contact the clinic to make an appointment via email k9@rawsbest.com or call Gianni on 07923 985 671.

* * * All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices on the till are always the current and correct price. * * *