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About Us

Raw's Best was set up in 2014, when founder Karin could not find suitable natural meat products locally for her dogs.

She began by selling from her freezer at home, but as the demand grew she was able to move the business into a unit.

The business is continually growing and attracts customers from all around Lincolnshire and Yorkshire who want to feed their pets the natural way.

Opening Hours 

Monday - Saturday 

9am - 5pm

Sunday - Closed

Meet The Team


Who doesn't know the lovely Karin?

The lady who started it all back in 2014.

Karin knows everything there is to know about raw feeding.

Karin loves her animals and has numerous pets including, Otto, Alfie and Rosie, just to name a few.  


Lizzie is our sunshine here at Raw's Best.

She loves her animals, is up for a good natter with all of the customers and  always has a huge smile on her face.  

You can count on Lizzie to bring some laughter to even the dreariest of days!


Gianni joined Raw's Best in 2021 to manage the K9 Fertility Clinic.

He has over 20 years experience in breeding dogs and is an expert in dog fertility.

If there is anything you need to know about canine breeding, he is THE man to talk to.

Don't worry though as any questions about Raw feeding Gianni will also know. 


Britani is the tech savvy one of the bunch. 

You may see her face pop out in the shop from time to time but she mainly spends her days tucked up in the office amending any queries we give her, as well as managing the e-commerce side of the business she introduced. 


Archie is our youngest member of the team. He is a godsend on a busy Saturday. 

Preparing himself for full time work, gaining experience with us here at Raw's Best. 

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