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Why Raw?

A BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods) diet is about feeding dogs, cats and other animals properly.

The goal of BARF is to optimise the health, quality of life and reproductive capacity of animals and by so doing, minimising the need for medical intervention.

How do you feed a dog properly? You feed it the diet that it evolved to eat. Its evolutionary diet - A Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet.

The BARF diet is a very simple idea, it makes perfect sense when you consider it.

BARF looks at the diet of a wild or feral animal and mimics that type of feeding regime using available whole raw foodstuffs. The diet may be enhanced with various supplements. Once the principles are understood, anybody can do this. No great education is required.

Karin Carling, who owns Raw's Best, says "Our customers tell us how the look of the dog changes and how their pets get a second lease of life when transferring to eating raw food."

Skin conditions improve in those animals that have suffered with skin allergies and runny stools become firm, thanks to the bone and as they get the goodness of the food the size of the faeces shrinks.

“It’s all food that is intended for the pet diet. The food we get has come from reputable slaughterhouses in the UK.” added Karin.


For anyone who might be a bit squeamish about handling raw meat there is no need,  it comes in blocks and looks like anything you might pick up from the butcher and comes in a variety of flavours – Duck, Chicken, Beef or Venison and lots more.

It can be fed on its own or mixed with vegetables and supplements. Additional natural treats like dehydrated lung or pigs’ ears can also be fed.

All Raw’s Best meat comes from Defra approved suppliers and traceable to their source. Raw’s Best sells direct to customers, who come from across northern Lincolnshire, East and South Yorkshire.

For dogs, which are omnivores, hunters and scavengers, the diet can be based on a wider range of whole raw foods of both animal and plant origin. Dogs rely on bones as a major part of their diet for a variety of reasons including teeth cleaning and the myriad of benefits which flow from that together with the nutritional attributes of bones and their their psychological benefits.

Other benefits of feeding raw as told to us by our customers -

  • Fresher breath, cleaner teeth

  • Less hyperactivity

  • Reduction in allergies and intolerances

  • Less wind

  • Firmer stools - less anal gland issues

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